Preparing For Surgery – Full Album


Preparing for Surgery (Full Album)

A set of 3 guided meditations to help you or a loved on prepare for surgery and the recovery afterwards.


A set of 3 guided meditations to help you or a loved one prepare for surgery and the recovery afterwards.

Preparation for Surgery Meditation

This meditation is designed to support the process of readying oneself for a surgical procedure. Preparing for surgery can be very stressful; many people report fear and anxiety leading up to their procedure. Guided meditation can ease this anxiety by taking you through the procedure in your mind and visualizing it all going very well, including the recovery. It is recommended to practice this meditation anytime anxiety, fear, or worry about the procedure arises . It is a good idea to listen to the Preparing for Surgery Meditation on the night before your surgery as well.

Note: Some family members have mentioned listening to the meditation and visualizing their loved one’s surgery going well, which also helps them to feel calm and peaceful.

Healing Mist Meditation

This meditation is designed to support your healing and recovery after surgery. It is important to find a comfortable position before you start the meditation and make sure the body is warm, as there is a tendency to cool down when in a meditative state. We know from recent studies that meditating after a procedure helps to relieve pain and some of the symptoms that arise. It can calm nerves, release tension, and focus one’s attention on the positive aspects of healing which gives the listener an active roll in their healing process. This meditation can be listened to anytime you want to move into a quiet healing space to support the mending of the body and the calming of the mind.

Ocean Breath Meditation

This is an excellent breath to practice when you feel stressed, anxiety, fear or tension arising. It’s also an excellent breath to practice lying down as you prepare for sleep. It’s deeply relaxing and can be conducive to a good night’s sleep.

In the yogic teachings, this breath is called the Ujjayi breath. It’s a wonderful breath to slow down the influx of air as it enters and exits the lungs, controlling the depth and length of each breath. In the beginning of this guided breath work practice, you will exhale with the mouth open. Once you find the whisper/ocean wave sound with the mouth open and the air flowing out through the mouth, you will close the mouth and let the ocean sound continue out through the nose. As you inhale, you will breathe through the nose, continuing your breathing in and out slowly, with the soft ocean sound and the breath flowing in and out through the nose.

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