Angels In The Atmosphere – Full Album


Angels In The Atmosphere (Full Album)

“In music, intention is everything. Angels was created to take you on a journey deep inside your innermost self. Witnessing the awakening of these textures of sound, finding their wings and flying into the soundscape, was a journey for me as well. I hope this album brings you peace, solace, and inspiration.” – Avahara


Angels In The Atmosphere expands on the intention and approach of Slow Wave Journey and adds additional inspiration drawn from the energy of spiritually vibrant places Avahara has visited, including the old temples of Greece and the quartz boulders of Joshua Tree.

From the early dawn transmissions of Angels of Desert Sunrise to the rich yet subtle tones of Healers of the Stone Temples, this album is an invitation to return to your spirit.

Tracks Include:

Angels In The Atmosphere
Angels Of Desert Sunrise
La Belle Mirage
Angels of Windswept Plains
Healers of the Stone Temples

The album tracks are MP3 files. Once purchased, you will receive a link to single compressed (zip) file containing all of the album tracks. Download, double-click to decompress, and then add to your favorite music program.