Therapeutic Yoga for Healing

20mar2:00 pm4:30 pmTherapeutic Yoga for Healing2:00 pm - 4:30 pm

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with Cheri Clampett, C-IAYT live ambient music by Avahara hosted by the Santa Barbara Yoga Center 2:00-4:30pm Pacific Time, Saturday March 20th Cost: $30 In this online afternoon workshop you will be invited to settle into nurturing restorative yoga poses, while accessing ways to support your body in healing through self-massage, deep breathing, energy healing, and guided meditation. From the safety and comfort of your own home (feel free to wear your pajamas!), using bed pillows alongside your yoga props, nurture yourself and  find bliss. In this mini yoga retreat, clear the remnants of stressful thoughts and quiet the mind. This two and a half hour practice is a special time for you to focus on yourself and learn ways to enhance your self-care.  Explore the powerful gifts of a luxurious yoga practice all while listening to Avahara play relaxing, gentle, vibrational, live music.
Click here to sign up. If you would like to attend but are currently unemployed and financially challenged, please contact Cheri. To prepare for your event:
The workshop uses props for the restorative yoga poses. If using yoga props at home is new to you, please see Cheri's home yoga prop tutorial video:
Choose a practice space where you won't be disturbed. Make sure it has plenty of space for you to stretch your arms overhead once you are reclining and space to twist without running into any furniture. Warm up the space before the workshop begins if possible. Therapeutic Yoga can be practiced on a carpeted area, or you may practice on a hard wood or tiled floor with a yoga or exercise mat. Once you have set up your computer in a good place where you can easily see the screen, gather your yoga props and bring them to the room where you will be practicing. Here's a list of what you will need... 1 or more yoga bolsters, preferably a standard rectangular. If you don't have a bolster you can fold towels (the size of a bolster) and add a bed pillow on top to create one. 3 yoga blankets, or blankets from around the house. It's always better to have too many props then not enough. Two or three throw pillows that are the same size can be used instead of blankets for certain poses. Make sure you have at least one blanket to place over you to keep warm during the workshop. 1 yoga strap, or a strap from a robe or long scarf can be used. 1 yoga block or a few books to form the same shape as a yoga block. 1 eye pillow or scarf, a sleeve from a shirt, or clean sock will work to cover the eyes and block out light. **Santa Barbara Yoga Center props are 20% off or 25% off for any 3 items or more. Please call 805-965-6045 to schedule an appointment to purchase props.** If you have a bottle of aromatherapy you may also bring it to your yoga space to be used in Savasana, the deep relaxation pose. Some good choices are lavender, eucalyptus, orange or citrus. Be sure to turn off your cell phone and take off your watch for the practice time. We look forward to sharing this deeply nurturing, healing practice with you.